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Retail Solutions


CounterPoint SQL is a complete retail management solution that gives you power and control over every aspect of your business; point-of-sale, inventory, customers, sales history, purchasing and more. CounterPoint includes powerful features and flexible options so you can run your business your way. It works for a wide range of retail businesses and easily scales from smaller, single-store businesses to large, many user, multi-store retail chains.  


CounterPoint SQL is based on Microsoft SQL Server, an industry standard database that is affordable and easy to use. Your business records (items, customers, transaction history, etc.) is securely stored in the SQL database.


SQL technology provides reliable data storage and excellent performance. It is highly scaleable from a single user system to hundreds of users with a huge database. SQL database operations take place at the server providing significant transaction speed, security and backup. SQL data can be easily integrated with other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Word.


Streamlined for point-of-sale, when you need to find information in Counterpoint, just type in what you know and the system's LookUp functionality will do the rest to find what you need. The system is easy to navigate and easy to customize and format for the way you run your business. There is an extensive library of reports for you to quickly and easily run to monitor and manage a wide array of business information.


To learn much more about the features and functions of CounterPoint SQL, please click on the collateral PDFs below:


CounterPoint SQL Overview


CounterPoint SQL Features and Functions


CounterPoint SQL is the perfect point-of-sale solution for many retail environments such as:

  • Clothing / Shoe Stores

  • Furniture / Gift Shops

  • Health / Specialty Foods / Wine & Liquor

  • Garden Centers / Tools

  • Sporting Goods / Athletic Shops

  • Automotive / Boating Accessories

  • Aquariums / Zoos / Museums

  • Many more retail environments


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