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Distribution Solutions


Acclamare is a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application created by wholesale distributors for wholesale distributors. Acclamare offers the ultimate in inventory management solutions for distributors.


Using the best possible computer technology from Microsoft™ for small- to medium-sized businesses, and combining this technology with sound “best-of-breed” business rules, Acclamare serves to make a wholesale distributor’s business the most efficient business that it can possibly be.


Acclamare allows you to streamline and automate your entire business process to improve inventory turns and reduce dead stock. Automate your entire supply chain, including leads, bids, orders, shipments and payments. We are confident that Acclamare will not only improve your day to day operations, but it will improve margins and profitability by providing greater operational clarity.


This advanced distribution software gives you full control and clear visibility into purchasing, inventory control, sales, customer service, billing, warehouse management and fulfillment. Whether your distribution business has one location or multiple warehouses, Acclamare’s exceptional software can help you become more efficient, cut costs, serve your customers better and grow your sales.


Acclamare Overview Datasheet


To get a sense of the clean, intuitive Acclamare interface, see the screenshot gallery below.



Acclamare is the perfect distribution software solution for many industries such as:

  • Industrial (pipes, valves, fittings, fasteners, hydraulic, lighting, cutting tools)

  • Building Materials (sheetrock, ceiling tile, insulation, doors, plumbing, HVAC)

  • Electrical (equipment, parts, alarms)

  • Publishing (books, DVDs, music, games)

  • Medical Supply

  • Restuarant Supply

  • Computer (computers, peripherals, supplies)

  • Material Handling

  • Irrigation Supply

  • Pool and Spa Supply

  • Many more industries

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