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Regardless of the size of your operation or the type of inventory you manage, we have the proven experience and the hands-on knowledge to help your business recognize dramatic improvements in both productivity and profitability. Since 1983, we have been proud to help companies leverage the latest software and technology to improve their operations. Over the years our business has continued to evolve with changes in the industry and with technology.


As a small, privately-held company, we don't focus on shareholders but rather on delivering personalized service and quality solutions to each of our valued customers. We are committed to the ongoing success of your business and make it our business to ensure that we are a partner you can trust for years to come.   



Michael implemented, modified and installed the core ERP software that runs our company. He also designed our Warehouse Management Software and integrated both wireless handheld scanners and wireless barcode printers into our warehouse operations. Both packages perform well because of Michael’s ability and willingness to accomplish what we wanted. We are fortunate to have him as a valuable resource for our company.”


Larry Kelm, Owner

Bolts ‘n Nuts Plus

“With the improved productivity, efficiency and accuracy, we increased sales by $2M during our first year of using WMS. We now handle thousands more items in both shipping and receiving without increasing our staff. Our shipping accuracy has improved dramatically which means happier customers. Using this software has also made it much easier to train new personnel because it is so intuitive to use – our employees now know exactly where to place an item and exactly where to find it.”


Steven Nobles, Warehouse Manager

Hylok USA

Without a doubt Mike is one of the smartest folks in the computer industry. When he is putting together a program for you as a client, he is tireless in getting the job done. When Mike was installing our program we spent so much time together Mike became part of our family. No matter what crazy idea or program we would ask him for, he would somehow figure it out even if it was not part of the software package.
But Mike’s strengths go far beyond installing your software, he becomes your 24/7 computer doctor. He didn’t get his doctorate and put it behind him. He was available anytime you needed him, not to just solve a computer glitch but to offer advice on the “stuff” you needed to run your business. 
I would unequivocally say that if Mike is on your team, he will help you become a success. His knack for teaching your folks on his software programs is a unique teaching gift.”


Phil Kohut, Vice President Residential Sales


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